Mission Critical CCTV for Festivals and Mass Gatherings

What we do

Your new favorite video security team

BielsteinIT's video security team is a set of data network experts and seasoned command center video operators serving some of the world's most notable mass gatherings.

Our event video security services empower your event's first responders, security coordinators, and organizers to see it all. From the touring industry's highest resolution advanced optics CCTV cameras to turn-key command center video walls, remote viewing and more BielsteinIT is ready to bring your mass gathering's video security up to enterprise grade.


4K High Bitrate Cameras

While others offer "HD" cameras running 5 to 10mbps BielsteinIT Event Video Security tours with a set of 4K cameras that run at more than 3x the resolution and bitrate of our competition.

Advanced PTZ

Conventional systems use joysticks for camera movement operations. BielsteinIT Event Video Security's Advanced PTZ allows a control operator to drag a box over an object of interst and the system automatically computes and executes a rapid PTZ movement to bring the object of interest to fill the screen.

Industry Leading Incident Recall

Go from "show me what happened there 2 minutes ago from both angles" to viewing playback up on the command center video wall in 90 seconds or less. Our experienced operators and advanced software eanble industry leading incident video retrieval timeframes. Whether your request is for a single camera, group of cameras, or all cameras seconds matter during an active incident.

Public Safety Grade Optics

Our cameras offer up to 45x true optical zoom on the largest available sensor size in the industry. Go from viewing a full field to reading a license plate up to 1/4 mile away in seconds.

Liability Protection

Every BielsteinIT Event Video Security customer receives a full, uncompressed digital archive of their event's video footage. That's every camera, every day, 24/7. If just one legal challenge is discouraged or resolved with the help of this archive our presence at your event has just paid for itself.

No cable path? No problem

As industry leading experts in the field of gigabit class wireless networking our cameras can be connected to our cutting edge millimeter wave radio technology and be placed anywhere without fiber optics, coax, or ethernet cabling having being within reach.

Live Demo

We've worked with, for, and around some of the world's most recognizable brands. Is yours next?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We'd love to show you what 30 pictures a second across several dozen cameras looks like. Reach out today to schedule a live demo. We'll work out a time for you to see the system in action.

Our team

We're proud to be a small, friendly and dedicated team. The competition sends contractors. We send our full time, fully trained staff to your location for the right solution the first time, every time.

We love networks

From simple ethernet handoff to a full scale managed network with on site support for your event BielsteinIT has the expertise and experience you require.

Science fiction does not remain fiction for long. And certainly not on the Internet.

- Vint Cerf -

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